One Nation

One Nation

We feel so alive, in this situation
Chinese, African and caucasian
Perceive my people, we’re just one nation

Slaves nine to five, at the plantation
Given weekends for rejuvenation
Hey 1 %, we’re just one nation

Excluded with excommunication
Religious zealots with their abominations
Wow World, we’re just one nation

Live your life, ratify relations.
Wane all wars and their propagation
Please my people, we’re just one nation

Persons of the present population
Russians, radicals and Appalachians
This third rock out, is just one nation

Caring children exceed our expectations
Contribution such a sweet sensation
Create kindness, we’re just one nation

Imagine insights of immigration
Damaged destitute & deportation
Lousy lines separate just one nation

Beautiful ball from the Global space station
Down there divided for the duration
Astronauts know, we’re just one nation

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