Human Touch

Some souls are shattered, and they need a human touch

Seek out a friend or stranger, so on to life they clutch

All it takes is a helping hand, helping with a human touch

Magnates and maids may, all have something to share

A comp of consideration, kind enough to care

Reach out your hand and offer, offer up some human touch


Gifted girls gunned down, gone by the garbage of God

For excelling at education, they get the rifle and rod

Be the change that you seek now, we’ll soon be sunk in the sod

Human hugs are heavenly, a healing human touch

Sharing your self with others,  offer US so very much

Reach your hand out and offer, offer up some human touch

Friends and family, our future, home of the human touch

lacking love in life, there isn’t all that much

Provide your personal power, power of the human touch

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