Fear of Failure

I face my fear of failure, in front for all to see

Step up to this scary spotlight, and set my spirit free 

Can’t help but sing this song of whats, happening to me

Holding your hand helps my heart, skip several a beat


We boogie before breakfast, tango towards our tea

Manage most my moments yeah, making many memories

Enjoy the evening lighting,  sail the seven seas

Babes in a back office, or out in front like these!


Our souls seem a symphony lets, load em’ up in the van

   Make our music everywhere Baby, call ourselves a band

Fun festivals, pretty cities and a high rise in the sand

Adventurous aspirations are added  lets live life grand

Together we’ll do anything,much more than we could know

We’ll rock n romp from Rio to the shores of lake Tahoe

Find our funk in Frisco, travel tunes to Tokyo

As long as we’re together I’ll give whatever you want, a go

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