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This page is presented by Kea’s proud father as an indicator of the many unseen talents possessed by this amazing young woman as she finds her way in this World. To all prospective employers who can see past the text on an application, this is one very accomplished young human who “thinks out of the box” with a plethora of experiences and given the chance will take your business to a new level!



This first photo is of her high school graduation in 2010 wearing 5 of her medals awarded that day. “Best at science, Best at math, Best at foreign language,  Valedictorian and Female athlete of the year!!!!!                                                               Just the tip of the iceberg that comprises Kea.



Some of the numerous other awards she has earned, including “Best solo at the Reno jazz festival” which she earned as a high school freshman, while competing against colleges from around the west. The judges said it was the first solo award given on that weekend.


Doing @ Cal Poly On the cover of Cal Poly’s magazine. Kea’s picture was inside 3 times!!!

KSJ Cetacea 2 copy

As an engineer with her degree from Cal Poly, she was also a member of the winning concrete canoe team and helped paddle it to the National championship!  One day she showed up at the shop with the team building the canoe as someone was trying to hand sand a lump from the surface of this excellent example of engineering and art. This newbie, freshman suggested using a belt sander and one of the past graduates there supporting his younger brother went to get one. To her surprise, the team of 60 engineers gave her the belt sander to do the job.

Kea's 98

Kea has been involved with the building of creative resort homes since she was young. Here she is working with a razor knife helping with a carved scene on a garage door for a lake front home at Tahoe when she was 4 years old. She has done all phases of construction from operating backhoes and excavators to learning to roof in her clogs!



As an all star athlete, Kea has excelled at many sports from going to the State soccer championships as the Goalie to climbing walls of rock and ice. She asked a ski race organizer when she was 9 why she couldn’t race against the 12 year old boys and he kindly appeased her and let her race too. Having never raced before, she beat them all, much to the coaches surprise.


Climbing frozen waterfalls at Lake Tahoe


Kea leading a rock climb at Lovers Leap, California. Her Mom found out that she was 5 months pregnant with Kea after a doing a rock climb in Yosemite.


Kea helped Dad teach water safety and kayak classes and has gone on to paddle some of the greatest rivers in the world from Alaska to New Zealand.

IMG_1019Motorcycle rider


Kite boardingP1050296



Fire spinner


Wilderness Explorer

kea & ROV

Internship at Schillings robotics

I would love to have friends and teachers comment on her accomplishments, character and consideration for others in the space below!!

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