Zeztor has been floating rivers beginning as a teenager on an inner tube. He has since kayaked most of the classic wilderness whitewater rivers in the west.  


In his continued interest to contribute through serving humanity, these whitewater skills have been offered by Zeztor on many life saving rapid rescues on the rivers of the west.

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Hermit 1Zeztor rows Hermit rapid, Grand Canyon at 22,000cfs in 1999

Frog hole, Cataract canyon“Frog Hole” Cataract Canyon

Tatshenshi river, AlaskaTatshenshini river, Alaska


Here is an old video from a 4 day wilderness trip kayaking the Bruneau river, NV & Idaho at high water.


kayaki16“Weber”, Middle Fork Salmon


Kea's 32Iceberg at Alsek lake, Alaska


kayaki3“Big Drop”, safety boater


P1040863Zeztor rides a 100 year, Flash flood on San Juan river, Utah on a last minute permit!!!


raftin18Zeztor doing a class 5 river rescue at “Crystal” rapid, Grand Canyon

Alsek framesAlsek river, Yukon & Alaska, a great 11 day trip with a helicopter portage around “Turnback Canyon”

kayaki5Napping on the Matukituki river in the Mt Aspiring valley, New Zealand


kayaki9Colorado & Green river confluence


V FallsVictoria falls, Nahanni river, NWT

Zeztor flew into the park from Fort Simpson and did a 265 mile, solo, kayak river trip in September 2005 through Nahanni National park and World Heritage site in North West Territories, Canada.    

The park was closed for the season, the last river Ranger sweep was done and the nearest road was 200 miles away.    

The first big snow storm of the season was drifting into Canada and both the Rangers and the local pilots warned that Zeztor would be isolated and vulnerable out there alone. He had ridden his Harley all the way up there from Lake Tahoe however, and was determined to kayak this river that he had waited a couple decades to do!!

Dropped off at Rabbit Kettle lake in a float plane with an approaching thunder/snow storm after flying over numerous grizzly bears in the trees below, the adventure of solitude, soul cleansing and self realization began!!!

As the first winter snow storm approached, Zeztor paddled over 60 miles on the last day to beat the incoming weather and was told by the Rangers later, that his descent of the Nahanni river was the fastest yet done.

Then began the hitch hike and long Harley ride in a snow storm, on 200 miles of gravel road from NWT back to Lake Tahoe … he rounded a corner an hour after leaving and was confronted by 3 buffalo on the deserted road!!!


raftin6“Crystal “rapid, Grand Canyon

392“Steamship rock”, Green river, Utah



     Lake Tahoe kayak tour


IMG_0797 Merced river, Yosemite California


IMG_0817 Yosemite Falls from the Merced river


IMG_0959Trouble Maker, South Fork American


P1080924Rancheria Creek, California



Stonemans bridgeStonemans Bridge, Yosemite

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