Zeztor spent 46 nights in the backcountry and hiked over 400 miles through the most beautiful sections of wilderness on Earth in the last year!!

 Here are a few pix of this wonderful walk on the John Muir Trail, Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne Yosemite, Mt Shasta, , the Continental divide in the Rocky mtn Park Colorado, Haleakala crater and on Maui.

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100_5260000_0140100_5287IMG_5696IMG_5731Sunset at 1,000 islands on JMTIMG_5759IMG_5776SJ on JMTIMG_5764IMG_6050IMG_6069IMG_6092IMG_6084IMG_5990IMG_6052IMG_6207IMG_3052 DSCF0056IMG_3084IMG_6413IMG_6427Shasta crewIMG_5139


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